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The Artist in Peace and War: Harry Davis in Italy 1938-1945

Harry Davis, ca 1938.jpg

This exhibit showcases the early work of Herron alumni and faculty member Harry A. Davis, Jr, who had a sponsored scholarship at the American Academy in Rome in the late 1930s, and later worked as a combat artist in World War II. 

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Timeline of FFA

FFA Week, 1965 trimmed.jpg

This exhibit is a short introduction to the history of FFA, showing major events in the life of the organization. It is enriched with photos, sound files, and PDF documents to help you explore the historical materials that make up the FFA Archives and help tell the story of FFA. 

FFA Fashion Show

1956 sweatshirt.jpg

A look at the many branded products FFA has offered through the years, both the history behind the most famous ones, and a look at some forgotten items.

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Wheeler Mission


This exhibit showcases the history of the Wheeler Mission in Indianapolis, IN from the founding of the mission to highlights of the mission in the twentieth century.


IUPUI 50th Anniversary

This exhibition focuses on the 50th anniversary of IUPUI as well as previous anniversaries and illustrious figures on campus. It is framed around the 50th Anniversary proclamations and resolutions recently gifted to the Archives from the Office of the Vice Chancellor for the IUPUI Office of Community Engagement.

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